Alliance Myanmar River Cruise is the maternal company of RV PANORAMA I & RVPANORAMA II. And it is also the 1st Luxury Day Cruise in Myanmar on the legendary River Ayeyarwaddy. PANORAMA I is a custom-built by local architect in early 2013 to offer an extraordinary level of comfort and satisfaction to our guests. To fulfill the market requirements, RV PANORAMA II follows her sister in 2016 October.

A 113-ft-long, with a breadth of 14 ft, "RV. PANORAMA I" can accommodate 70 passengers, while “RV. PANORAMA II”, which is 95 ft long and 15 ft in breadth, can bring 54 passengers along the wondrous river cruise.

The comfort of adjustable chairs are in the fully air-conditioned main deck Cabin built of teak. Bar on upper deck awaiting you with the selection of drinks and a fine dining restaurant with well-trained crew members will serve you with high standards of excellence along the trip. Enjoy the passing spectacular scenery along the world's famous Ayeyarwaddy River by relaxing on traditional easy chairs on the sun deck.

We will bring you to experience the art of the pristine nature. So, we would like you to take the opportunity to spend your holiday with "Alliance Myanmar River Cruise" and make your day fabulous to your satisfaction.


RV.Panorama I

RV.Panorama II



·        Fine dining experiences await you for the breakfast at the upper deck restaurant. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of sunrise on the Ayeyarwaddy river.

·        We offer you a short excursion to experience the ways of life by visiting a typical Myanmar village during down stream cruise.

·        An authentic Myanmar Cuisine awaits you at lunch time at the upper deck restaurant.

·        In the afternoon, you are invited to participate in a demonstration of wearing Myanmar traditional Longyi and Thanatkha.




·        Teak-wood main deck cabin is fully air-conditioned with comfortable and relaxing seats placed alongside the wide glass windows for panoramic view, and each row has individual power sockets for electronic devices. Television is in front of the seats for the Myanmar culture and traditional documentaries.

·        A fantastic restaurant is on the upper deck, and a wide selection of alcoholic drinks, signature cocktails, soft drinks and fresh fruit juices are available at the Bar.
Passengers can also enjoy fresh blends of coffee, tea all day along with the menu options.

·        Open sun deck area with unique traditional seats awaits the passengers to enjoy free suntan and spectacular panoramic views along the mother Ayeyarwaddy.



Cruise Operating Period is from the beginning of October à to the end of March.




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