Cruise in Myanmar invites you to DORA, a tailor-made luxury yacht, cruising along the Yangon River. A journey with DORA will bring you an unforgettable fusion of picturesque scenery, colourful cultures and the enriching experience of the local way of living.

You may choose to charter the whole yacht with your family and friends, or join a small group of like-minded travellers on an individual basis. Our Cruise is carefully designed so that guests can experience the very best highlights and attractions of each destination along the way. Each and every one of our guests will be provided a set of complimentary drinks,  snacks and a warm welcome from our crews on board.

Our high standards in health and safety coupled with friendly services, a unique relationship and the passion that we share with our travellers make Dora a very spectacular cruise lavishing our customers a memorable experience every time.


We strive to provide the perfect venue for your occasions, augmented by suitable entertainment, superb standard of food and excellent service. Our outstanding interior comes up with the following range of onboard facilities:

·         Saloon and mini bar

·         One master bedroom with attached sanitized bath and electric toilet; both hot and cold water are available

·         Two bedrooms with bunk beds (one up and one down) with shared sanitized baths and electric toilets

·         Domestic call facility

·         Awning on the Sun Deck


 We can accommodate 30 passengers for the following cruises: Morning Cruise, Sunset Cruise and Morning Village Tour. Twenty (20) passengers can be accommodated for the Twante Trip (from 8:00am-2:30pm, lunch included). For Two Days One Night trip we can accommodate six (6) passengers.


We have special arrangements for any occasions such as dinners, birthdays, club meetings, anniversaries or social events with friends and family.


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