Pre Rejoin Briefing

Explain Aim and Objectives of Briefing

  • Safety of life, safety of cargo, safety of vessel and environmental protection
  • Emergency awareness and protection ways
  • Integrity and different culture of nations and different behavior of nations
  • Brief explain about mandatory codes, such as ISM Code, STCW 78/95, MARPOL and PSC……… etc.

Explain and advice about Documentation

  • Before singing the SEA, thoroughly explain terms and conditions of his SEA which made between Crew and Principal and witness of Local Representative (SRPS)
  • Also let him read his SEA thoroughly till to his satisfaction and if not, discuss details till to reach mutual satisfaction and then let him sign his own will
  • Provide one set of SEA for his own and one set to principal and one set for local Representative (SRPS) who thoroughly keep this SEA in his personal file as confidential
  • For Crew complainant purpose, not only thoroughly explained verbally but provided him a sheet of “Crews Complainer procedure” for his own.
  • Also when the crew member encountered the emergency situation, thoroughly explained not only verbally but provide the detail procedure of a “Emergency Contact Procedure” sheet of his owns

General Advice

  • Rights and duties and responsiblities of seafarer not only according to his SEA but MLC 2006 requirement
  • To comply with Company’s Safety and Environment Policy/Drug and Alcoho Policy Which Documents are provided him for own.
  • Aptitude for better condition of job
  • Leadership ability and work co-operatively with his collages
  • Avoid jump ship from any port/any situation
  • Thoroughly explained about his joining procedure (travelling procedure)
  • As far as he is onboard, that ship is his Home and all other crews are his, so protect not only your life but for your families

 Education & Training Schedule

Lecture Contents Instructor    Rank
Company introduction & Staff information , Responsible official, Particulars of ship which be embarked , Responsibility and authority , Cargo information All Member All Crew
System Familiarization Training SQT All Crew
System Familiarization Training SQT All Crew
PSC inspection Response Training SQT All Crew
PSC inspection Response Training SQT All Crew
Spill Prevention Education SQT All Crew
Convention Amendments Training SQT All Officers
System Familiarization Training (Details) (Organize Training and assessment for the  Officer/ Engineer & Rating)  SQT All Officers
Lecture Contents Instructor    Rank
System Familiarization Training (Details) SQT All Officers
PMS Training MTT All Officers
Emergency response & Incident control SQT All Officers
Risk Assessment/ Critical Operation SQT All Officers
MAJOR / CDI Inspection Response Training DP All Officers
MAJOR / CDI Inspection Response Training DP All Officers
Incident Investigator Education SQT All Officers
Safety Officer Training SQT All Officers
Organize Training and assessment for the Captain & C/E All Member All Officers

ECDIS ( Electronic Chart Display Information System) Transas CBT Program Safebridge Online Maritime Training


Seamen Ship Training


Crew Interview