Western Province of Myanmar

Htukkhan Thein (Ordination Hall)
Htukkhan Thein was built by King Minphalaung (1571-1593). It is also lying on the hill and reached by stone stairways on the east and south. It is built by massive stone wall. The entrance leads to a long vaulted passage which spirals round in two tiers till it reaches the central chamber.

Andaw Temple
Andaw Temple was built by King Tazagyi (1593-1642). The main hall is octagonal faces in east. There are two corridors round the central block which supports the octagonal stupa above. There are eight seated stone Buddha Images within niches cut into the interior walls which are decorated with arch-pediments.

Koetaung Pagodas
Koetaung Pagodas was built by King Minba. It has a cave containing 90,000 Buddha images consecrated inside. It is like an ordination hall, with a single Buddha image rising at the centre.

The Chin lives in the Northwest border areas or further south in the Rakhine State. Mt. Victoria of 3400 meter high is the perfect place for nature lovers. Soft trekking, butterfly and bird watching are available. Some of the women there tattoo their faces completely in tasteful designs. The ritual is entirely voluntary and as the practice is dying out, not many young women are seen with tattoo faces. But the old traditional of this tattooing face still can be seen in some villages. Their hand woven cotton and silk in traditional designs and colors are collectors’ items. 174 km from Bagan by jeep and roads are still very bad so this excursion is not recommended for rainy season (May to Oct). As for accommodations, only very simple guesthouses are available so this excursion is suitable only for the adventurous clients.


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