Yangon 's Environs

Around Yangon
Bago (Pagu)
It is the capital of Bago Division situated about 80kms North-East of Yangon. It was once the Royal capital during the Mon Dynasty in the 14th century. In the 16th century it became the capital of the 2nd Myanmar Empire under King Alaung Phaya.It was ruined during the war between Bamars and Mons in the 18th century . One of the interesting places to visit in Bago is Shwetharlaung, a reclining Buddha image which measure 55ms in length and 16ms in height. This image was built about 1000years ago and was covered under the ruins of the war between Bamars and Mons. Only in 1881 it was unexpectedly recovered while constructing railway tracks. Apart from this beautifully renovated image there also are so many places of interest with ancient historical background,one of which is ShweMawDaw Pagoda. One visiting Myanmar should take the chance to visit Bago since it is only about 2hrs drive from Yangon.

Thanlyin (Syriam)
Thanlyin is situated on the other side of the Yangon (Rangoon) River just about an hour drive from Yangon. Formerly it was accessible only by ferry across the river. Now there is a wonderful long bridge built with the Myanmar-Chinese cooperation spanning the wide river complete with motor-way and rail road. This town with fresh breeze and hillocks has its own history. In the 17th and early 18th century, it was the centre of foreign trade under the Portuguese. It still remains an important industrial town even today. About 20km south of Thanlyin on a tributary of Yangon River is the Kyauk-Tan Pagoda built on an island situated in the middle of the river. Ferry services are available to cross to the Pagoda. Many fish are abounding swimming around the Pagoda and pilgrims can feed the fish with scraps of bread or popcorn.

About 24km from Yangon in the same division is Twente. The town is well-known for the Canal that serves as a gateway to the small towns and villages in the Ayeyawaddy Delta. It takes two hours to reach Twente by car after crossing the Bayint-naung and the Canal Bridge. Various sizes of boats from triple-deckers to small ferries from Yangon passed through the 22 miles long Twente Canal linking the Kyaik Htaw and Yangon River.
It is a small town noted for its pottery and cotton-weaving, and for and old Mon Pagoda complex. It is an interesting day trip from Yangon.

Allied War Memorial Cemetery
Located at Htaukkyant,32 km from Yangon , on the way to Bago, it has 27,000 tombstones of Allied soldiers who lost their lives in Myanmar during the World War ll. The cemetery is peaceful and beautifully tended.


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