Yangon 's Environs

Pyay (PROME)

Pyay (Prome) is only 161 km north of Yangon traveling along a well-maintained highway by car. Pyay is situated on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River on a lovely location. Visitors can stop over in Pyay and travel on to Bagan and Mandalay.

Pyay was anglicized as Prome after the Second Anglo-Myanmar war and in ancient time was known as Thaye-Khittra (Srikshetra) from 1-9 AD. Srikshetra, the ancient Pyu capital about five miles to the east, is interesting place to visit because of their historical importance and archaeological sites. Interesting places in Pyay are Shwesandaw Pagoda, Sehtetgyi Pagoda, Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda, Be Be Gyi Pagoda and Payama Pagoda. It is famous for the “Ahkauktaung” which was the custom port in the ancient time and it is known for its carving of Buddha images on the cliff along the river.

Located 175 miles from Yangon and is the only place for the tourists where you can get good accommodation on Yangon – Mandalay road. Taungoo (Kaytumadi City) was founded by King Mingyinyo in 1510 A.D and later innovated by King Minye Kyawthin.

All the four sides of the city wall are still very conspicuously seen, with the exception of the part of the southern wall. The wall is built of bricks. About 6.4 m from the wall city is the first moat filled with soft mud, which is about 9.6m wide. It is one of the main gateways to Bago Yoma and its teak forests in which you can see how elephants work like pulling logs and to treat them. But the working site is not stable as it is moving around, so need to follow where they are. And the accommodation will be very simple. We will be arranging the camping tents and sleeping bags on bamboo decks.

Taungoo is only good as a stop over to avoid tedious (14 hours) drive between Yangon and Mandalay. However, if ones wish to visit or travel Elephant camp call “Thargara”, one night stay in Taungoo is recommended.


Myanmar arts and crafts, mostly hand-made are the best souvenirs at the reasonable prices, Lacquer ware ,wood and ivory carvings, tapestries, brassware, silk and cotton fabric, traditional garments and shoulder bags are some of the favorite items. silverware World renowned Myanmar rubies, sapphires, jade and pearls are also available at Myanma Gems Center and at other licensed Jewellery Shop. Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott Market) is the largest market in Yangon and it is one of the best places for souvenir shopping.


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